Did you know we live a simple life, in a shack, on the beach, in a super small town on the mid north coast of NSW?

We are literally living our dream.

And we want to share that with you.

We believe everyone should, at the very least, get a taste of what this feels like.

Because it really is, SO. FREAKIN’. SWEET.

We want to inspire you to create and live a life that you will never have to retreat from again.

So come retreat, and get into the Joy Zone, then take that joy with you back into your life.

As when you’re in the Joy Zone all of life will follow suit.

We’ve lived all around the world, we’ve stayed at friends places all around the world, and we’ve hosted our friends and families in the many different places we have called home.

What we realised was that there was a common theme…

Almost every single time, people left [or we left people] feeling inspired and alive.

Whenever our time with our friends ended (whether we were visiting them or they were staying with us) we would get messages and emails letting us know that something fundamental in their lives, in their perception, in their emotions, had changed.

And that lead us to think there is something in this.

We love good food, we love simple living, we love inspiring conversation and we love peace and quiet.

And we realised we were taking this with us everywhere we went.

Or inviting people into this kind of lifestyle when they came to stay at our home. We can’t turn off what we love to do

We can’t turn off the fact that we are both mentors, it is who and what we are!

The ripples are real, look out, they’ll bloody get ya!

And people really, really, love it. I mean, who doesn’t love the space, time and opportunity to deeply connect back in with them self, the place where a natural, deep and effortless joy resides. The Joy Zone.

Which is why, we are inviting YOU to retreat at our home.

A private, intimate, cosy, playful and super inspired retreat, all for you.

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Church With No Walls - Mike and Hannah King - Mentors - Life Coaches - Meditation - Australia-11.jpg
Church With No Walls - Mike and Hannah King - Mentors - Life Coaches - Meditation - Australia-5.jpg
Church With No Walls - Mike and Hannah King - Mentors - Life Coaches - Meditation - Australia-12.jpg

Here’s the coolest parts of what we’re offering you.

  • It’s tailor made for you. Yeah, we’ll have a rough plan, but we run with the moment and once you set foot into our little cottage on the beach, together we’ll co-create the most perfect retreat that will nourish your soul and have you leaving more inspired than ever.

  • It’s in bum-fuck nowhere! There’s 500 people in the town. It really is out in the sticks, we are literally surrounded by national parks. So you will be forced to relax and unwind - because there’s pretty much nothing else to do! (except kayak on the river, walk through the bush or swim/surf in the ocean in front of our house).

  • We live in a way that allows inspiration and grace to lead us. We don’t try to plan, organise and worry about much. We allow our source to guide us. That’s how we’ll run these retreats, so you’ll get a real sense of what living like that, feels like. Then, you take that back home with you. You’re welcome.

  • There’s no bullshit hype here. This is the way we live every day. We won’t be putting on a show for you, we simply hope that our example can encourage you to live the life of your unique dreams. Yes it will be a retreat from your life, but we’re hoping you’ll be inspired to take a little piece of what we’re offering and integrate that so you can take your life to it’s next level.

  • Here’s our new motto - “The more I relax the more gets done, the more it’s all coming.” Come and live this paradigm with us and obliterate the boring old notion that you have to slave your way through life to get ahead. You CAN have it all. An epic, chilled life, great income and spiritual fulfilment. We hope that when you come here we can inject you with this belief so powerfully that, it too, becomes your reality.

  • Ask us whatever you want. We charge decent money for our mentoring, but being here with us means you get to pick our brains and ask us all your burning questions. It’s like mentoring on tap for the entirety of the retreat.

So, here’s what we want…

We want you to fully retreat from the busy-ness of life so you can figure out how to up-level your life without unleveling your stress.

We want you too, to learn to relax into inspiration.

We want you to retreat, release, re-enter anew.

Church With No Walls - Mike and Hannah King - Mentors - Life Coaches - Meditation - Australia-21.jpg

So, to the fine details, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Airport transfer from either Coffs Harbour Airport or Grafton.

  • 8 x meals over the course of 3 nights [cooked by us, a chef and an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, in other words, two people you want to cook your tucker].

  • Cooking lessons [as many or as little as you’d like, we’ll be cooking anyway, so if you wanna learn you are more than welcome at the table].

  • Meditation / yoga, we’ll go with the flow of the retreat and figure how much emphasis we will place here after reading your application form.

  • 3 x nights accommodation at an epic shack in the most precious spot you’ve ever seen.

  • We’ll host a fire ceremony because, well, fires are the best!


The best, highest and most profound (re)treat we can give you, is to give YOU back to yourself.


So how much is all of this epicness you ask?

The price for a 3 x night retreat is

$1500 for 1 person

$2250 for a couple

Yes, you can pay via payment plan, however we require the retreat paid in full one month before you are set to begin your retreat.

Dates are negotiable, depending on what suits you, and us!

How do you book in?

Fill out this form


We’ll review your application and come back at you with potential dates.

If we haven't met you we may even schedule a Skype chat so we can get to know each other and find out exactly how we can best serve you.