YOU’VE LANDED….. Right where you are meant to be.

Get ready, because we are about to take you exactly where you need to go.


Welcome to CWNW

We’re H and Mikey, husband and wife power team, mentors and meditation teachers. We work with epic humans who want the best FROM life and want to give the best TO life.


We’re in YOUR corner, legend.

It’s our mission to connect you with your very purpose for being, then support you in making a living from that purpose.


Our philosophy is about capturing the joy of simple, impactful and playful living. We don’t subscribe to any particular religion or sect but we do believe that you are divine by nature. We believe in the PURE, POSITIVE, FUN nature of your soul and recognise its inherent power for greatness.

Our job?

Pretty simple really….

To support you through a mentorship or a meditation training to unleash that greatness so you can bring it forth into the world creating your life your way.


How can we support you?



Clear your mind and unleash your soul. Ready for an inner adventure?

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